Specialist vehicle tracking for finance companies

The complete asset security platform for your portfolio

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Mitigate loss rates on your portfolio with FinTrak

FinTrak is Giantt's specialist vehicle tracking platform with immobilisation capability, bespoke to your origination process

Remote immobilisation product available for prime to sub-prime market

Proven to encourage prompt payment & reduce likelihood of default

Proven to improve speed of recovery in the event of vehicle repossession

Realtime automated reporting, all bespoke to your portfolio

Suite of alerts including if tracker is tampered with

Monitor vehicles entering a port/ going abroad

Fraud prevention against accommodation deals

Know where all your assets are at any given point

We install FinTak units on the cheapest to most expensive cars

FinTrak Pricing

Secure your portfolio

Secure your portfolio from just 30p per day per vehicle

Call Us On 01909 295604

How it works?

The Giantt team will:

Review your current process


Review your current process and make recommendations

Work with your team


Work with your team to map out the FinTrak launch

Train your team


Train your team, launch and secure your portfolio

Provide ongoing support


Provide ongoing support to maximise results

Frequently asked questions

Is this legal?

Yes it definitely is! The FinTrak Tracker & Immobiliser Device is fitted in a discreet location on the vehicle and cannot be seen by any occupier of the vehicle. Giantt promote compliant use of the system - whilst you can track your vehicles as soon as the device is installed, the a vehicle should not be immobilised until the default notice issued to the customer has expired.

I've heard about these devices. Apparently customers find them really annoying because the alarm constantly goes off?

The FInTrak immobiliser is completely different to other products servicing this market. The FinTrak Immobiliser Device is discreet & also not audible like other devices used by other Finance Companies in the market which are non-compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Is the customer aware?

Yes - absolutely. The Giantt team will review your current origination process and based on previous experience, recommend how and at what point you make the customer aware of the requirement for a device to be fitted. The Giantt team will also provide a form to add to your customer doc pack titled 'Agreement for installation of Tracker and Immobilisation System' along with additional wording to update your customer documents.

At what point do you immobilise?

The Giantt team will work with your executive team to establish a suitable collections and immobilisation strategy. This often varies based on customer demographic, however immobilisation can take place as soon as 30 days after a customer misses a payment. The Giantt team have experience implementing both monthly & weekly collections and immobilisation strategies.

How soon will the account be live and when can I start managing my portfolio?

Very quickly. The Giantt team will need to carry out an initial review of your processes, and once this is complete we can normally go live within 2-3 weeks.

How long does an installation take?

Installation normally takes around 30-45 minutes depending on the vehicle.

Do my customers have to take the vehicle anywhere to have the equipment installed?

No, we have installation experts all over the UK that can visit and install the trackers.

Do I need to download and install any special software to use the system?

You don't need any special software - just an up to date web browser and a web-enabled device. Just login from anywhere with your username and password.

Sounds great, can I integrate the FinTrak platform with my existing loan management system?

Yes - we can create bespoke versions of our platform which will integrate with your current loan management system. This is what we love to do and anything is possible these days. Please don't be shy, just ask!